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Janitor/Industrial Cleaner All Power Services Inc. (APSI) Rochester,



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Fri Feb 28, 2020
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Thu Feb 13, 2020

Job Summary

All Power Service Inc. (APSI) is looking for people with janitorial experience and people who can perform cleaning services for 7 downtown garages.

Job Description


The Janitorial staff will be required to complete the work:

  1. Cleaning of garage restrooms including commodes, sinks, emptying and disinfecting of receptacles.

  2. Cleaning of stairways, elevators (including daily clearing of elevator door tracks) and lobby areas,

  3. garage railings, bike lockers and maintenance rooms, etc.

  4. Cleaning of garage offices, booths, light fixtures, revenue control equipment.

  5. Vacuum floors/ rugs.

  6. Replenish restroom toiletries, paper towels, and hand soap.

  7. Polish all stainless-steel doors on a daily basis, as well as stainless steel elevator walls, doors, door frames, and call-button panels.

  8. Sweep and mop floors DAILY in garage offices, restrooms, cashier booths, elevator lobbies, mechanical and utility rooms

  9. Cleaning of doors, glass windows, the plastic, metal and illuminated signs, interior walkways and traffic control equipment

  10. Clean all glass surfaces: doors, windows, cashier booths, elevators & stairwells

  11. Dust walls in stairwells and wet-vac any standing pools of water in stairwells

  12. Empty/Re-line Trash Receptables in offices, restrooms, cashier booths and elevator lobbies.

  13. Sanitize all garage stairwells.

  14. Dust/clean garage office counters, lockers, cabinets and desks

  15. Contact designated APSI Employee should a safety concern present itself

    1. Broken Glass

    2. Customer Concerns

    3. Equipment Malfunctions

How to Apply

Email your Resume to: