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Process Engineering Manager PEKO Precision Products Rochester, United States



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Management, Manufacturing

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Wed Jul 22, 2020
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Wed Jul 08, 2020

Job Summary

The primary role of the Process Engineering Manager is to oversee all manufacturing (machining, fabrication, finishing and assembly) and sustaining engineering efforts within the operations department. The Process Engineering Manager is accountable and responsible for new production work that does not require design or development, and the transfer of processes from development to production. Manufacturing engineering support is required throughout the product lifecycle.

Job Description


  1. Machining, joining, fabrication, finishing and electromechanical assembly methodology

  2. Contract manufacturing

  3. Customer/Client Focus

  4. Innovation to develop new processes or implement new software leading to improved efficiencies and/or cost reductions.

  5. Basic cost accounting

  6. Project Management

  7. Credibility

  8. Leadership

  9. Technical Management

  10. Empathy

  11. Listening

  12. Relentless work ethic


  1. Responsible for supporting machining, assembly, fabrication and finishing disciplines.

  2. Work with the customers Engineering team to do clean up on the drawings and alter the requirements/specification to suit Pekoís capabilities.

  3. Be the voice for Manufacturing engineering department. Exudes ďteam playerĒ during difficult times. Rallies group under pressure to finish the job. Trusted to promote Peko culture through conversation, meetings, or new corporate initiatives.

  4. Continue developing talent to match customer expectation (5 years ago a paper drawing was delivered, now it is a 3D model; tolerance shift from 0.001 to 0.0005, simulation, digital technology, etc.).

  5. Drive lean/SS methodology through own department and companywide.

  6. Map process capabilities to develop a technology roadmap.

  7. Oversee fixture design to support part and customer requirements. Apply GDT throughout the design process where necessary.

  8. Ensure accurate BOMís are entered into the business system as part of the order entry process. BOM maintenance and accuracy are crucial to customer/job success.

  9. Develop accurate routers identifying all the necessary steps to manufacture a part and which are compliant with customer/quality standards.

  10. Ensure team is compliant with ECN process.

  11. Oversee, manage and improve WI process.

  12. Chart # ECNís and WIís being processed for a clear picture of resource allocation.

  13. Strong business communications skills with the ability to work in a campus-based setting.

  14. Plan staffing requirements to meet business objectives.

  15. Capable of reacting to change with the ability to respond to new instructions, situations, methods, and procedures.

  16. Research program costs, lead job cost review meeting and track to improve when target margins are missed. Report out findings on a regular basis.

  17. Manage the tooling engineer, process engineer and manufacturing engineer when reviewing machine design issues.

  18. Work in tandem with quality to develop and/or improve metrics (rework, costs, OTD, internal/external quality, etc.).

  19. Support quality and initiate PFMEA, 8D, Kaizens, 5 Whyís, Root Cause and Corrective Action responses where applicable.

  20. Review and improve SOPís when needed.

  21. Support VIP program and generate cost reduction ideas.


  1. Strong knowledge of Lean/SS concepts. Prefer SSGB/SSBB/LSBB.

  2. Knowledge of Tool Room, CNC S/U, and CNC Programming.

  3. Knowledge of Electromechanical Assembly.

  4. Ability to multi-task in a fast-paced environment. Processing a high volume of information in short periods of time is essential.

  5. Coaching and mentoring a multi-discipline staff.

  6. Strict attention to detail / analytical ability.

  7. Excellent Organizational Skills.

  8. Ability to delegate tasks to appropriate personnel, as necessary.

  9. Comfortable navigating through business systems.

  10. High sense of urgency.


  1. 10+ years of experience in an engineered-to-order and/or high-volume production environment.

  2. Bachelorís degree in Engineering, Manufacturing or Material Science.

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