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1-1 Teachers Aide CP Rochester Rochester, United States



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Wed Apr 14, 2021
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Wed Mar 31, 2021

Job Summary

In a 1:1 Teacher's Aide position you will act as an active team member in providing for the well-being, education and supervision of children in the classroom throughout the day as directed by the Special Education Teacher. You will supervise your assigned child at all times throughout the day.

Job Description


Responsibilities include, but are not limited to:

  1. Imparts agency philosophy of “Equal Opportunity, Independence and Realization of Individual Potential” to children, families, program staff and community resources.I

  2. Maintains confidentiality of information relating to individuals and their families in accordance with agency policy.

  3. For assigned child, implements educational, therapeutic and behavioral plans under the direct supervision of the special education teachers, therapy staff, psychologist and input from early education teacher.

  4. Assists the children throughout the day as directed by the Special Education Teacher.

  5. Supervises assigned child at all times (with the exception of lunch break, meetings and/or training), including during busing and transitional activities.

  6. Assists child in all activities of daily living while promoting independence.

  7. Functions as a positive, contributing member of the classroom team.

  8. Attends appropriate meetings as determined by the teachers and Program Director.

  9. Assists in maintaining order and cleanliness of classroom, equipment and supplies.

  10. Demonstrates a consistent, nurturing manner toward all children.

  11. Shares all relevant information related to assigned child with the teachers, therapy staff and/or psychologist.

  12. Performs classroom duties as assigned by the teacher(s) or teaching assistant.

  13. Participates in conferences, workshops and in-service training to enhance job skills and personal growth and development.

  14. Adheres to the agency’s policies and procedures as well as department guidelines.

  15. Performs other duties at the discretion of the Program Director or his/her designee.


  1. High School Diploma or GED equivalent.

  2. Experience working with young children preferred.

  3. Must be at least 18 years of age.

  4. Demonstrated positive interpersonal skills.

  5. Demonstrated good oral and written communication skills.

  6. Demonstrated acceptance of and sensitivity in interacting with people with disabilities.

Essential Functions:

  1. Physical requirements may include: Sitting, standing, walking, lifting up to 50 pounds, grasping, reaching, stooping and crouching, ability to speak clearly, and good listening ability.

  2. Mental requirements may include: General intelligence, motor coordination skills, coordination of eyes, hands, and feet, verbal intelligence.

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