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Physical Therapist UR Medicine Home Care Rochester, United States



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Wed Jan 27, 2021
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Wed Jan 13, 2021

Job Summary

Provides case management and direct patient care within a team environment. Administers comprehensive physical therapy modalities in the home setting. The qualified therapist assists the physician in evaluating level of function, helps develop the plan of care (revising it as necessary), prepares clinical and progress notes, advises and consults with the family and other agency personnel, and participates in in-service programs.

Job Description



Patient, Family, Hospital Staff, Physicians, Vendors, Contract and Regulatory Community Agencies, Third Party Payors, Care Delivery Team and numerous other VNS departments.



  1. Participates and assures that Care Delivery Services are consistent with the agency vision, mission, values and strategic goals and meet customer needs.

    1. Promotes the VNS philosophy, mission, and administrative policies to ensure the delivery of quality care.

    2. Promotes effective working relationships and works effectively as part of the team to meet the goals and objectives of VNS.

    3. Promotes the VNS image by adhering to the dress code policy.

    4. Utilizes resources, supplies, and time efficiently in order to contain costs and increase the value of all services to the community.

    5. Promotes positive, supportive, respectful communication to all external sources, patients, families, and staff.

    6. Consistently displays behaviors in support of the overall organization.

    7. Supports public relations/sales and marketing initiatives to local community.

    8. Strives for continuous improvement in all aspects of the Physical Therapist function and Care Delivery process using Total Quality Management principles and practices.

  2. Develops and maintains a customer-oriented environment responsive to the needs of all external/internal customers. - Direct Patient Care Duties:

    1. Develops and revises plan of treatments and discharge plan in conjunction with patient, family, physician, care delivery team and third-party payors including obtaining medical orders and approval of physical therapy services.

    2. Provides an environment which promotes respect for the patients, their privacy, confidentiality, and property.

    3. Initiates appropriate rehabilitative program.

    4. Provides supervision of PTA to ensure patient health, safety, and compliance with plan of care.

    5. Consults with and educates the patient, family and other team members regarding disease process, self-care techniques and preventive strategies. Implements home therapy programs including but not limited to: gait training, transfers, ADL's, home modification, care, and use of equipment.

    6. Periodically evaluates patient's progress and makes necessary adjustments to physical therapy program.

    7. Instruct para-professional staff in body mechanics, use of equipment, bed mobility, transfers, gait patterns, home exercise program, etc.

    8. Directs, coordinates, evaluates, and supervises the quality of patient care services provided by the Home Health Agency, including the clinical supervision of Home Health Aides.

    9. Interacts with patients, physicians, referral sources, and others in a manner conducive to continued positive relationships. Displays an exemplary level of patience, courtesy, and tact.

    10. Supports Care Management philosophy. This includes collaborative customer focused planning, and case management designed to meet individual health and service needs and promote quality and cost-effective outcomes.

    11. Participates in regularly scheduled patient conferences with HHA's, nurses, therapists and MSW's for the purpose of discussing patient care, patient/family problems and to ensure comprehensive coordinated plan of treatment.

    12. Cooperatively assists in the orientation of new rehabilitation personnel. Performs other duties and responsibilities as assigned to support the efficient operation of their team, group, and discipline.

    13. Assures the completion of all appropriate clinical records needed for compliance with state and federal legislation and the delivery of seamless service within established timeframes.

    14. Refers to appropriate community agencies/resources.

    15. Maintains current knowledge of all available VNS and community-based services.

    16. Demonstrates flexibility, enthusiasm, and willingness to cooperate while working with customers and others whose support is necessary.

    17. Ensures problem resolution at the point of contact.

    18. Makes constructive recommendations to members of the VNS team regarding ways to improve quality of patient care, general operation of the care teams and external customer service.

    19. Sets example of integrity.

    20. Ensures patient's needs are met through the care delivery process and responds to customer needs in a manner that meets or exceed requirements.

    21. Ensures authorization and release of information form has been signed by patient or responsible party.

    22. Ensures practices, standards and behaviors meet agency performance competencies (Competencies forthcoming).

  3. Participates in the attainment of the operational and financial objectives.

    1. Monitors results, progress and takes corrective action on quality indicators, including the level of customer satisfaction with the Physical Therapist function.

    2. Understands the importance of the Physical Therapist function and its impact on patients, other care providers, readmission, productivity, utilization, revenue and expense.

    3. Pursues efforts to reduce or eliminate avoidable costs and errors.

    4. Develops quality plans of care consistent with care paths and complies with TJC, OSHA/Regulatory practices and guidelines.

    5. Responds to findings of various Quality Management and QA processes and ensures resolution of potential problem areas.

    6. Maintains productivity requirements.

  4. Contributes to an environment of professional growth, learning, trust and mutual respect for all employees.

    1. Practices regular employee recognition through Recognition System.

      1. Recognizes personal worth of others.

      2. Recognizes team members and significant contributions.

      3. Encourages others to have fun and celebrate their accomplishments.

  1. Promotes the recognition, respect, and celebration of the diversity of our workforce.

  2. Participates in education including orientation, in-service training programs, and self-development, as needed.

  3. Demonstrates commitment, professional growth, and competency.

  4. Participates in professional organizations, continuing education opportunities and shares acquired knowledge with team members.

  5. Responsible for the Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s) established by their manager.


  1. A B.S., M.S. or D.P.T. degree in Physical Therapy

  2. Possession of a current New York State License in Physical Therapy.

  3. Ability to physically lift and assist patients in hands on care.

  4. Prefer minimum of one-year experience in Physical Therapy in a hospital setting (not including internship).

  5. Good verbal and written communication skills.

  6. Good interpersonal skills.

  7. Ability to perform physical therapy procedures effectively and safely.

  8. Ability to work with people from different socio-cultural backgrounds in an effective manner.

  9. Ability to accept and utilize supervision.

How to Apply

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